Hans J.C. Bakker


AMC Stands for Alphabet Music City; the most exciting City you’ll ever encounter!

AMC is a conglomerate like a real city, country, world and ultimately the entire universe with everything that lives and is lifeless in it. Just as stars and planets are clusters of lifeless gas and dust, hopefully one day AMC will also get all the building blocks to create chemistry and eventually music.

Why is the still flat environment of this theory called Alphabet Music City?

Alphabet because in addition to the ABCDEFG of the musical alphabet that is used, element names are also noted in AMC and the alphabet is used for both.

Music because we want to become the largest music platform in the world and so everything here will revolve around music. And finally:

City because the map of the theory also uses ”real-estate” objects that are connected via 2 roads that crisscross the entire city; the OOTAT and the M&H. OOTAT Stands for ‘Out Of Tune And Time’ and M&H for ‘Melody and Harmony’. Later I will explain that music is a combination of pitched, unpitched, timed and untimed sounds.

AMC therefore brings everything that is described with letters, (punctuation) signs and numbers together with everything that is described with music and its notation methods, and that in 1 clear, navigable map. This might be a bold claim, but I will explain why I think I can make that claim on the The E Theory and Ambition page.

The xyz of the city

The conglomerate part is that we (I (Hans J.C. Bakker), who came up with the theory, people who are now helping me set up the idea, and ultimately the fellow residents who have to populate the city, which will ‘bring life to the brewery’ (a Dutch saying))

x. have the ambition to make it a vibrant whole, where music (art), culture, hobbies, passions and much, much more come together in harmony, and

y. must realize that with as many people as want to participate in concrete building plans, which require planners, architects, builders, material supply companies and ultimately residents. More specifically, which I will also explain further on the Ambition page; In addition to developing this site with information, shop and maybe tools pages, we want to build the same and much more in a handy app. For example, programmers, designers and financiers are needed for this. So if you think you can help us move forward with your skills and/ or resources, please email me at aurzones@gmail.com?

z. To find out more about the z aspect of the city, it is best to refer you to other pages.

It should be noted that I chose the letters xyz on purpose, because in reality – even when it’s only a 2 dimensional (physical) map and/ or a programmed virtual 2 or 3D environment where this city will be(come) “alive” and used – everything in nature that we know of or that we can see takes up space (it has x,y and z dimensions) in the governing space-time Einstein explained in his theory. And the more 0’s and 1’s we program for this environment (the first x dimension, the “only an idea” part so to say) and the more people that widen the research and proof area (the second y dimension, the realization part), the more depth and plausibility the theory gets (the last spacial z dimension);

To quote a friend of mine: ‘The gist of it is….’

The recap of this part is: Because I like to dream big, I envisioned a real lifelike city where there is no difference between music on paper, streamed online or played on a stage with real people of flesh and blood. With its mathematical nature, my promising music theory has to become the backbone for this dream. Without it, it’s just a formless idea, exactly like the conglomerate of ideas we now have; they work. Music and nature can be explained for the most part, but it’s all just so theoretical and not alive.

I don’t claim or aim to have a TOE (Theory Of Everything) that every real scientist is dreaming of accomplishing. But with our new to build AMC conglomerate of connecting ideas, internet sites, apps etc., together with real people, places, instruments etc, plus on top of that the premature, bold and ambitious claim that my E theory is correct and falsifiable, the result(s) has/ have to be better than – I’m sorry to say – the mess the world is in now; Make music, not war etc…dare I say?!!

There’s so much to say about AMC, but for now I like to finish on a high note, literally:


‘A city…?’, I hear you say, ’…do I have to pay rent, can I earn my money there with a nice job or do my shopping?’; YES! We want to create the possibilities for you to rent your own place here, run your own business or work on music projects and have (y)our products and services in the shop etc. Of course, we need an audience too, because without those kinds of residents, a beautiful song is homeless or even not inspired to be made. Every resident in AMC is also an AMC; Alphabet Music Citizen.

And all that should be made possible with our own point based money, AMC; Alphabet Music Currency. This currency is indexed on the basis of the value retention of music that has already proven itself as good music that is pleasant to listen to; so, there’s little chance that the value of your share in AMC will collapse, just the opposite: good music also matures well! Just look at the classical music, blues and jazz standards and everything that followed that, that is still here today. [That’s a lot of thats]


You too, can become one of those residents of Alphabet Music City. That already starts by visiting this site from time to time, following and sharing us on social media like on the YouTube channel ‘The E Theory’ or by becoming the proud owner of its first real blueprint; The E Music Theory Poster

Have fun looking around on this site and be sure to give us your feedback!?