Music Theory Poster
Music Theory Poster

Music Theory Poster


Complete music theory learning and applying method on a nice, colourful, clear and A0 sized poster; no books needed, only your instrument, voice and my inspiration generating poster hanging on your wall! Welcome Neighbour in Alphabet Music City!

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So you think you’re a great musician and you know why and thus your theory behind it?! YES; With my poster you now do!


General information


This is a full color, professionally printed A0 sized poster of the unique, fast and clear in 1 view E music theory. It contains all the basic music theory for you to get started in this matter (here); No other theory books needed, just this poster, because you become the inspiration!




With this poster you can find, study or play:

i. All major and their relative minor scales of all 12 keys, with every key in its own Zone; making the phrase ‘to be in the zone’ very relevant!

ii. All other most used scales, like the melodic & harmonic minor, the diminished and blues scale, and more. I call these unique groups of notes Aurs (pronounce as ‘hours’, like on a clock), making playing or studying a scale as easy as reading the clock!

iii. The 4 basic chords per key in, what I call, a Clock, only 48 chords in total; and all other diatonic chords are nearby to borrow from a neighbouring Clock

iv. The 25 most used and moveable chord shapes per key, 300 in total, for keyboard and guitar; includes powerchords, dominant 7, 9, Δ7, m6, 7, and lots more!

v. The notes on your piano keyboard, guitar and violin

vi. All the modes based on the major scale for all 12 keys, 84 in total, in 1 handy diagram; my unique LIMDAPl method makes looking them up, remembering and applying them very easy!

vii. The unique and much improved circle of fifths/ fourths. Enabling you to quickly find inside, a little and (far) outside chords in any key; composing a new and exciting song with this diagram is now also accessible for you!

viii. General instructions on how to interpret, study and apply points i to vii, and much more!

BONUS: this poster also is an unique representation of the periodic table of elements; your chemistry teacher would want to use this for your chemistry classes!

So spend your time wisely;


This is not (at all) a thick and boring book you have to read for school or your music teacher, taking up a lot of your time and distracting you from what you really want to do; make music with your friends. Just grab your instrument or warm up your voice with a scale and then it’s simple: on this poster is what you see in nice colors, shapes and diagrams easily turned into music and what you want to find out cq found out about an existing song just as easily understood.


Some advice 


Don’t worry when you read words like Aur, Zone, Clock or LIMDAPl; very soon you won’t be the first and only one that thinks: why didn’t we see music and the theory behind it sooner this way?!


Stay in the Zone!


So see you around Neighbour in Alphabet Music City! Be sure to also check us E Theorists out on YouTube? New music & theory videos will be posted there weekly starting in the beginning of 2022.

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